SpeechLive Help

Product information


In the product information section you can view the following entries:




Displays information about the purchased product, e.g. Small business package or Advanced business package

User(s) paid

Displays information about the number of purchased users in your account

User(s) activated

Displays information about the number of activated workflow users in your account vs. the number of available users.

It also displays whether the free transcriptionist that is available in the Advanced business package is activated.

E.g.: 3/4 (free transcriptionist used) means:

  • 3 users have been activated

  • 4 users are available in total (1 user can still be added to the workflow)

  • the free transcriptionist has already been activated in the workflow administration

Speech-to-text packages

Displays how many speech-to-text packages you have bought for this account.

Speech-to-text packages activated

Displays how many speech-to-text packages are active for this account. See How to activate speech to text for more information.

Next payment

Displays the date when the next payment transaction occurs

Valid until

Displays the end of term date of the current business package. If the account is not terminated before the term is over the account will be automatically renewed with the current term of the business package. E.g. 1-year business packages will be automatically extended by another year.


The account administrator will receive notification emails 1 month and 14 days upon renewal*

Add/remove SpeechLive user license*

Click on this link to add and remove SpeechLive user licenses. You will be forwarded to the SpeechLive online shop.

Terminate subscription*

Click on this link to terminate your subscription. SpeechLive will then guide you through the termination process.

Reactivate account*

This link appears in case your account has been terminated or if a payment has failed. Click on this link if you would like to continue using your SpeechLive account.SpeechLive will then guide you through the necessary steps to reactivate your account.

*...Self-service customers only


The visibility of some items is depending on the current account status.