SpeechLive Help


How to start your transcriptions

Transcriptionists accounts linked to an author account automatically receive all finished dictations. The Use SpeechLive via web browser or the Administrator sections cover the steps on how to activate and link SpeechLive accounts.

After you received a new dictation for transcription, you can playback the dictation directly in the web browser. You can also use SpeecExec to transcribe dictations, see Use SpeechLive with SpeechExec section for more details.

How to transcribe

  1. Select the dictation in the dictation list.

  2. Click on the Picture attachments icon sl_add-pic-icon.png in the toolbar to add picture attachments.

  3. Click on the Play back dictation icon WL-toolbar_Play_icon.png in the toolbar and choose Open in player.

  4. Open a text editor of your choice and transcribe the dictation.

  5. After you finished the transcription, click on the Finish icon Finish-dictation_icon.png in the toolbar.

  6. In the Finish transcription screen, click on Choose file to attach the document with the transcription.

  7. Click OK to finish the transcription.

Do you know the Philips foot control?

SpeechLive supports the Philips foot control. Play/Pause and rewind dictations without the need to stop typing. The Foot control section covers additional settings to further enhance your workflow.