SpeechLive Help

Use SpeechLive with the app

  1. Dowload the Philips Voice Recorder app​ on your smartphone:

  2. To log in, open the app and follow these steps:

    1. Tap the menu icon, for Android, see next step.

    2. Tap Settings.

    3. Select Sending options.

    4. Choose SpeechLive in the list and enter your credentials.

  3. You can choose different transcription options in the SpeechLive settings of the app:

    1. Use SpeechLive

      This options enables you to send new dictations to a transcriptionist in SpeechLive.

    2. Use transcription service

      Send your dictations to an external (human) transcriptionist.

    3. Use speech recognition service

      Send your dictations to the automated (machine) transcription service.

  4. Note

    Activating/deactivating these options determines the sharing options outlined below.

  5. Return to the Dictate tab of the app. Here you can start recording dictations.

  6. After you finished recording, tap on the share icon to send the dictation to one of the services mentioned above:

    1. Choose SpeechLive to send a dictation to SpeechLive.

      Transcriptionists linked to your author account will receive dictations you send to SpeechLive. The Use SpeechLive via web browser section covers all necessary steps on how to activate and link SpeechLive accounts. The Transcriptionist section covers all the necessary steps for an transcriptionist to transcribe the assigned dictations in SpeechLive.

    2. Choose Transcription service to send your dictation to an external (human) transcriptionist.

    3. Choose Speech recognition to send your dictation to the automated (machine) transcription service.

  7. It's also possible to share previously saved or finished dictations. Navigate to Recordings, mark the desired dictation via the check mark box, tap on the three dots in the corner of the screen and select Send.