SpeechLive Help

Control SpeechLive with your foot control

  1. Connect the foot control to your computer.

  2. Go to login.speechlive.com to log in to your SpeechLive account.

  3. After logging in, go to the Dictations tab of SpeechLive.

  4. Select a dictation in the dictation list.

  5. Click on the Play back dictation icon WL-toolbar_Play_icon.png in the toolbar and choose Open in player.

    X You can now use the foot control to Play/Pause and rewind the dictation.

  6. To configure the foot control pedals according to your personal preferences, click on the Settings csm_Cogwheel_icon_03ea8d6b63.png icon and choose Foot control settings (see Foot control for more information).

  • We recommend to open SpeechLive in an extra browser window. This ensures that you can always control the web player with the foot control, even when the window is not active / in focus. If this is not an option or you run into any issues, you can also install the Philips Device Connector as outlined below.

  • Installing Philips Device Connector further enhances the foot control support:

  • Do not maximize your browser window on Mac systems, to ensure the best foot control support.

Change foot control configuration

You can change the default foot control configuration according to your own preferences.

  1. Click the Dictations tab and select a dictation.

  2. Hover over the status icon of the dictation.

    X The status icon changes to a player icon WL_selected-dictation-Play_icon.png.

  3. Click the player icon.

    X The transcription player opens.

  4. Click the Settings csm_Cogwheel_icon_03ea8d6b63.png icon in the player toolbar and select Foot control settings from the drop-down list.

  5. Select the 4-pedal or the 3-pedal foot control and then select the desired function for each pedal.

  6. Click OK.